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KM III Max Rope

KM III Max Rope


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If you are looking for the most durable static rope out there, the KMIII is your rope. KM-III is the perfect static rope for work placement and smooth descents. The KM-III Max features our Twill Pattern Technology Construction that results in a smoother cover that reduces drag and creates a more fine control on descents. The smooth, low profile sheath allows for better braking, faster ascending, and exceptional abrasion resistance. Originally designed for work placement applications, KM-III Max is an excellent choice for heavy exposure fixed lines, big wall hauling, caving, and a variety of rescue applications. KM-III Max comes in 11mm. 

The static kernmantle rope KM III Max from TEUFELBERGER is certified to EN 1891A.


Standards: EN 1891A, ANSI Z133
Core: polyamide
Cover: polyester
Plait number: 32 

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