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ISC Zippey Clip'n'Zip Trolley

ISC Zippey Clip'n'Zip Trolley


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Having consulted zipline operators from around the world throughout the development of the Zippey, we have succeeded in incorporating all the positive features needed to overcome the challenges faced by the industry.

Zippey is manufactured from high-spec 4mm aluminium plate, has a forged Aluminium gate and Stainless Steel wheels; all of which offer the best weight to performance ratio on the market. The Zippey trolley weighs 450g (1.0lb), yet has an MBS of 25kN (5620lbf) and therefore exceeds the 2260kg (5000lb) rating required by US standards, as well as being fully CE approved.

An option for hooked stoppers allow for a secondary lanyard to be mounted while zipping.

Optional anti-rollback models are fitted with a cam to limit use to one direction. During normal use, the cam trails, allowing the trolley to roll forwards, unhindered. However, as soon as the trolley begins to roll backward, the cam is activated, bringing the trolley to an immediate halt.

Optional floating handlebars are designed to increase user engagement and allow users to maintain a forward facing position, during their ride—and most importantly, when they ‘land’ at a transfer station. The handle bar accessory is completely independent of the safety system that connects the rider to the trolley, thus giving an uninterrupted load path of certified zip trolley, lanyard and harness components. Handlebars can be purchased for this product here.

Trolley for 8-13mm Cable Red Standard Axle

Number of persons 1
(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kN) 25
(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (lbf) 5620
Bearing type Bearing
Wheel material Stainless steel
Body finish Anodised
Weight 16 oz
Height 6 in
Width 5 in
Thickness 1 1/2 in
Optimal Speed Range      40-50mph
Max Recommended Speed   64mph
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