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Elk River

Double Locking Snap Hooks

Double Locking Snap Hooks


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Double locking safety snap hooks for making safety lanyards and lobster claws. Snap hooks are recommended as they are easier for small hands, more ergonomically friendly and are permanently attached to the lobster claws. Zorbers MUST be used if any protection anchor points being used are static (bolts, bolt hangers, staples, steel rods or beams). Zorbers may be omitted if all anchor points used are dynamic (cable, rope, spring loaded anchors). Traditional designed to fit any harnesses and ropes, lobster claws, tower leashes, or anywhere you may need an easy used snap hook. Accurately forged body from high quality alloy steel with high breaking strength. This hook has an auto-locking rear press gate mechanism and a large diameter of eye.

5,000 LBS

ANSI 2001

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